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Who Should Carry Professional Liability Insurance?

professional liability coverage

If you’re a professional with your own business, it’s smart to think about professional liability insurance. This kind of insurance covers you against claims from clients. These could be about negligence, errors, and oversights. People like accountants, advertising agencies, consultants, and more should get this insurance. It helps if you work in service-based areas. Why? … Read more

Professional Liability Insurance Cover: Who is Covered?

professional liability insurance coverage

Professional liability insurance is crucial for many professionals and businesses. They offer services to clients. This insurance guards against claims of negligence, errors, or omissions. It protects them from the financial impacts of their mistakes. Accountants, lawyers, doctors, consultants, architects, and more face the risk of being sued by clients often. Unlike general liability, professional … Read more

Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance? All You Need

Professional liability insurance

In today’s world, professional liability insurance is key for service-based businesses. It’s also called errors and omissions (E&O) insurance or malpractice insurance. Experts recommend it for any professional running their own show. This includes accountants, advertising agencies, consultants, and tech professionals. This insurance shields small businesses from client lawsuits. These could include claims of substandard … Read more

When is Professional Liability Insurance Important?

professional liability insurance

In the changing world of professional services, professional liability insurance is vital. It protects businesses from the financial risks of client claims. This coverage helps companies offering expert advice or services. It shields them from lawsuits due to negligence or errors that led to client financial losses, even if not at fault. Professional liability insurance … Read more

Professional Liability Insurance California: What Is It?

professional liability insurance

In California, professional services need the right insurance. Professional liability insurance, or errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, is key. It covers claims of negligence, errors in service, misrepresentation, omissions, and more. Without it, businesses would have to pay claims on their own. For professionals like IT consultants, real estate agents, and design experts, professional liability … Read more

What Does Professional Liability Insurance Cost? Get Rates

professional liability insurance cost

Professional liability insurance is key for your small business’s safety. It’s also called errors and omissions (E&O) insurance. This protects you from claims of making professional negligence, malpractice, or mistakes that cost your clients money. Wondering about the usual cost of professional liability insurance? One source says the average premium for small businesses is $61 … Read more

What Is Professional Liability Insurance in Construction?

professional liability insurance construction

In the construction world, professional liability insurance is a must-have. It protects contractors and others in the building business. This special insurance helps when errors, omissions, or negligence occur. It covers costs from these mistakes, including those by other professionals hired on a project. It also handles design issues for a job. This insurance can … Read more

How Much Does Professional Liability Insurance Cost for Consultants?

professional liability insurance cost

According to NEXT, professional liability insurance can be as low as $19 a month for consulting businesses. More than half (55%) of NEXT customers pay less than $25 a month for this insurance. About 79% pay between $25 to $45 each month. The final cost of professional liability insurance for consultants varies. It depends on … Read more

What is Professional Liability Insurance for Contractors

contractor liability insurance

Contractors professional liability insurance, also known as E&O insurance, is vital. It safeguards contractors from legal costs due to mistakes, omissions, or negligence in their work. This insurance helps in instances where a contractor’s job leads to extra costs or damage, even if it’s caused by others they hire, like architects and engineers. This insurance … Read more

Professional Liability Insurance for Nurses: What It Is

professional liability insurance for nurses

As a nurse, your main job is to care for patients well. But, there may be mistakes. A patient could say you were negligent and caused them harm. Professional liability insurance for nurses helps in these situations. This insurance is also called nurse malpractice insurance or nursing liability coverage. It defends nurses against medical malpractice … Read more

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