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Protecting Your Business with a Robust Contractual Risk Transfer Program

Contractual Risk Transfer Program

In the complex world of construction projects, contractors face a myriad of potential financial and operational risks when collaborating with third-party providers of products and services. At Burbank Insurance Services, we understand the importance of mitigating these risks to safeguard your business’s success. One powerful tool in your risk management arsenal is a well-designed Contractual … Read more

Burbank Insurance Services: Contractual Risk Transfer (CRT) Program Assessment Checklist

Contractual Risk Transfer (CRT) Program Assessment Checklist

As a contractor, you face numerous risks when working on construction projects. A well-designed Contractual Risk Transfer (CRT) program can help mitigate these risks by clearly defining each party’s responsibilities before work begins. Use this checklist to assess the effectiveness of your company’s CRT program and identify areas for improvement. 1. Written Contracts 2. Insurance … Read more

13 Essential Insurance Coverages for Managing Risks in Professional Service Firms

Managing Risks in Professional Service Firms

As a professional services company, navigating the complex landscape of risk management is crucial for long-term success. In an increasingly digital and litigious world, businesses face a multitude of threats that can jeopardize their financial stability and reputation. At Burbank Insurance Services, we understand these challenges and are committed to helping you identify and mitigate … Read more

Considerations When Purchasing Life Insurance

life insurance considerations

There are many considerations when determine if you need life insurance, and how much insurance to purchase. Assessing Your Need for Life Insurance Consider life insurance if: Determining the Right Coverage Amount Estimate your coverage needs by: Understanding the Cost of Life Insurance Obtain life insurance quotes from different carriers to compare costs. A skilled … Read more

20 Life Insurance Facts You’ve Always Wanted to Know

Life Insurance facts

This article compiles 20 life insurance facts, within the context of common questions that people ask about Life Insurance. Is My Employer-Provided Life Insurance Enough? Why Do I Need a Medical Exam for Life Insurance? What Happens During the Life Insurance Medical Exam? What Do Life Insurance Companies Test For? How Do Life Insurance Classifications … Read more

8 Best Business Insurance Companies of 2024

8 Best Small Business Insurance Companies Article

Having business insurance is really important to protect your company and things you own. Insurance can cover expenses if your property gets damaged, if employees get injured at work, if someone sues your business, and more. We think all kinds of businesses should get general liability insurance at the very least. But whether you need … Read more

Does Insurance Quote Affect Credit Score?

Does Insurance Quote Affect Credit Score? The quick answer is no. In the state of California, insurance companies are not even allowed to factor your credit score. Across the nation, most insurance providers closely analyze credit reports and credit scores as part of their underwriting process. They argue that data shows those with lower credit … Read more

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