Tools & Equipment Insurance – What Does It Cover?

Losing tools is a big financial hit for those who depend on them. Having tools & equipment insurance is key. It helps cover repair or replacement costs if your gear is lost, stolen, or damaged.

A contractor’s tools policy or portable equipment insurance is for those working at different sites. It protects movable tools and machines. This construction equipment coverage includes items less than five years old and worth under $10,000. It ensures your valuable tools are safe.

This mobile equipment protection also covers leased or rented items. It gives contractors peace of mind. 

Key Takeaways

  • Tools & equipment insurance helps with repair or replacement of lost or damaged tools and equipment.
  • This inland marine insurance is for construction professionals working at various locations.
  • It protects movable tools and machinery insurance against theft, damage, and more.
  • This portable equipment insurance or heavy equipment insurance supplements general liability coverage, ensuring contractors’ equipment is fully protected.

What is Tools & Equipment Insurance?

If you work as a contractor, your tools and equipment are vital. They help you complete the job. Tools & equipment insurance comes to your aid. It protects your work gear, ensuring you’re not left in the lurch.

Protecting Your Essential Gear

This insurance covers items like power tools, saws, and ladders. It also protects dust-control systems and more. These are tools you need dearly for your work.

Covers Damage, Theft, and Loss

When your portable tools or job site equipment face damage or theft, this insurance helps. It lets you replace or repair them easily, and swiftly get back to work. The coverage even applies to gear kept in vehicles, trailers, or on job sites.

Available as an Add-on to General Liability Insurance

Contractors and cleaning businesses can add tools & equipment insurance to their general liability coverage. This means your business and your essential tools are both safe. It’s an important way to make sure you’re well-covered.

Who Needs Tools & Equipment Insurance

If you make your living with your tools, you need a contractor equipment floater or worksite gear coverage. This kind of insurance is a lifeline for professionals. It protects your tools and equipment from theft, loss, or damage.

Industries and Professions Benefitting the Most

This insurance is great for people in several fields, like:

  • Contractors, electricians, plumbers, and others in construction
  • Landscapers and gardeners
  • Janitors and cleaning crews
  • Concrete workers
  • HVAC techs

Since these pros move around a lot for work, having on-site tools insurance is key.

Types of Tools and Equipment Covered

A good subcontractor equipment policy will cover many tools and equipment. This includes things like:

  • Saws, drills, and sanders
  • Laser levels and dust-control systems
  • Ladders and workbenches
  • Blowtorches and CNC routers
  • Oscillating multi-tools and concrete moisture meters
  • Stand lights, hearing protection, and safety gear
  • Specialized equipment like power tubing cutters

If you didn’t have this coverage, replacing lost or damaged items would be on you. This could really hurt your wallet.

Tools & Equipment Insurance Coverage

It’s vital for contractors and tradespeople to protect their tools and equipment. These items are key to their work. Policies like trade tools protection and contractors gear plans give full coverage. They include your gear and gear used by your team at work.

Equipment Owned by You

If you run a business, tools and equipment insurance is a must. It protects important items like generators from theft or damage. This means you can replace them fast without huge costs. This coverage is key for keeping your business running smoothly after an issue with your tools or equipment.

Employee Tools and Clothing

Your policy even covers the tools and clothing your team uses at work. For example, if a worker’s electric tools get damaged, the policy assists with repair or replacement costs. This keeps your employees’ essential tools secure, even during accidents on the job.

Borrowed Equipment

For more extensive coverage like Select Pro or Pro Plus, you also get protection for borrowed equipment. If, say, a compressor you borrowed breaks down, the policy steps in. It helps with the cost of replacing the borrowed item. This could save you from a large unexpected expense.


What exactly is tools & equipment insurance?

Tools & equipment insurance shields a contractor’s tools from loss or damage. It’s called a contractor’s tools policy or an equipment floater. This policy keeps tools safe while moving between job sites.

Who needs tools & equipment insurance?

Many professionals can benefit from tools & equipment insurance. This includes landscapers, construction workers, contractors, and various others. If you use your tools at different work sites, this insurance is for you.

What types of tools and equipment are covered?

This insurance covers a wide range of items. It includes power tools, saws, and laser levels. Dust-control systems, ladders, and power drills are also included. Even items like concrete moisture meters and hearing protection are covered.

Does it cover employee tools and borrowed equipment?

Yes, tools & equipment insurance usually includes employee tools. It also covers borrowed items. But, only if they are damaged or stolen while on the job.

What is not covered by tools & equipment insurance?

This insurance doesn’t typically cover rented items. It also excludes damage from corrosion, rust, and normal wear and tear. Equipment meant for highway use, such as tractors and trailers, is not included.

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